After a treatment, a client once told me he could “feel his face breathing”…Could anything be more perfect than that?

About Rafraîchir

Business Model...

One Esthetician (that’s me!) + One Treatment Room  =  One Focus (that’s you!)

Rafraîchir is a micro-spa. A “little” skin spa. A cozy, private setting where you won’t have to worry about running into too many folks as you come and go. Whether you’re battling breakouts or wrestling with wrinkles, your treatments are provided in a quiet, personal setting designed to put you at ease. And, although a “menu” is available, all you need to know when you show up is that together we will choose a treatment to get the results YOU want to see.

You should also know that I love results! And I love to help others improve their self-image through helping them maintain the health and vitality of their skin.  As the Owner/Esthetician of my own business, I provide all of the services at Rafraîchir.

About the name…

“Rafraîchir” – is the French word meaning “to refresh”. Think of the refreshed feeling you have when you experience…

A cool drink when you’re thirsty

A gentle breeze when you’re hot

A restful night’s sleep when you’re tired

After a treatment, a client once told me he could “feel his face breathing”…Could anything be more perfect than that?  Come to Rafraîchir to refresh your skin!

Why Rafraîchir?

We are all drawn to that which feels most comfortable to us. Every esthetician has his/her own style and approach to providing services. I believe the personal attention you’ll receive from me is all my own. I’ve been told that I have a “good touch” and a gift for making others feel at ease. I have also been on the receiving end of professional skin care services many times, and I understand the tremendous impact of the esthetician. One can use the best products, in the most lavish settings, but if the service is not administered with attention – and intention – the overall experience is a disappointment.

When you place your trust in me to provide a service, I commit to delivering you the best possible experience.

Amy J. – Owner/Advanced Esthetician

Kimberly S.
My experience at Rafraichir was nothing short of amazing and restorative for both body and soul. I've had several facials at different spas in different cities over the years. My experience at Rafraichir was the BEST experience I've ever had. Amy REALLY knows what she's doing. She listens to your concerns and makes a tailored facial just for you. I was thoroughly impressed with her care and knowledge. The idea of the "micro spa" was perfect! I had the entire place to myself which was very private and quiet. I never felt rushed, Amy took her time and was incredibly thorough. For the price you just cannot beat it in Medina. I've had facials that have cost twice the amount and didn't see the same results - or attention to detail and overall care for the client like I did at Rafraichir. I highly recommend this wonderful micro spa.
Bobbi H.
Love the one-on-one experience. Also Love the fact that this is owned and operated by Amy and not a chain. She has a passion for what she does. What a great experience!
Kellie H.
Right when you walk into Rafraichir you feel a sense of tranquility and peacefulness. I have never had a facial before so I was a bit nervous. Amy did a fabulous job explaining the whole process and made me feel at home and comfortable. She is an amazing esthetician who know her stuff and uses great products. I left there feeling so relaxed with a fresh face! Also, it is so easy to book my appointments online. If you’re looking for the best facial in town, I highly recommend Amy at Rafraichir to everyone! Give this place a try. I promise you won’t regret it.
Allen R.
I had a wonderful experience at Rafraichir. The peaceful atmosphere prepares you for a wonderful treatment. Amy is knowledgeable and makes great recommendations based on her analysis of your skin and explains the treatments she is applying which increases your comfort level. I’ll definitely be back.–Allen R.